Exclusive Gibraltar iPad Treasure Hunt
with Local Expertise

Explore Our Exciting Treasure Hunt Experience

Hour Events presents an innovative team-building activity designed specifically for companies on the Rock.

Our exclusive Gibraltar iPad Treasure Hunt is a thrilling experience that engages teams in a high-tech scavenger hunt, using cutting-edge geolocation technology and 3G/4G connectivity to navigate the vibrant and historic streets of Gibraltar.

This unique adventure offers an opportunity for teams to bond, explore, and challenge themselves in an exciting and interactive environment, ensuring a memorable experience.

· Key Features

1. Personalised Experience

Each team is equipped with a customised iPad, providing a unique and engaging adventure.

2. Local Expertise

Navigate Gibraltar’s points of interest with a knowledgeable local expert, gaining authentic insights and a deeper appreciation of the area.

3. Comprehensive Support

Our Event Director, fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German, supported by assistants and actors, enriches the experience, adding an extra layer of excitement.

4. Refreshments and Prizes

Participants can enjoy refreshments to keep energy levels up and celebrate their accomplishments with prizes at the end.

5. Customisable Options

Tailor the hunt with specific stops for lunch or tapas, integrate unique challenges, and add more features based on your preferences.

· Why Choose Our iPad Treasure Hunt?

1- Interactive Challenges

Immerse in the experience by making videos, taking pictures, solving puzzles, and scanning QR codes while participating in fun challenges, including trivia about your company.

2- Team Bonding

Our treasure hunt fosters team dynamics and collaboration, allowing participants to work together interactively, strengthening bonds and enhancing their teamwork skills.

3- Explore Gibraltar

Discover the rich history, stunning landmarks, and hidden gems of Gibraltar in a new exciting way, transforming exploration into a captivating adventure.

This activity not only promotes team bonding and fun but also provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore Gibraltar.

Whether your goal is to strengthen team dynamics or enjoy a unique day out, our Gibraltar iPad Treasure Hunt is the perfect solution.

Ready to elevate your team’s spirit and explore Gibraltar in a thrilling new way?

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