Musical Bingo – Ultimate Group
Entertainment Experience

Looking for a unique, engaging, and entertaining group activity? Try our Musical Bingo, brought to you in collaboration with Hour Events!


This vibrant activity unites your group with a fun twist on classic bingo. Participants use music-customised interactive cards and a playlist tailored to their tastes, all with professional AV solutions and a bingo machine.

Our charismatic master of ceremonies hosts the event, drawing song-related bingo balls. Our DJ plays snippets of these songs, and participants mark their cards, aiming for a line or a “full house” (BINGO!).

Players can sing, dance, and identify songs from music videos to mark their cards.


Musical Bingo nights feature party lights, high-quality sound equipment, a smoke machine, and other props for a festive atmosphere. For more excitement, upgrade to MUSIQUIZ or Bingo Stars, where select numbers trigger live performances.

We are proud to offer this unique activity in Gibraltar and Spain. Make your next event memorable with Musical Bingo and Bingo Stars!

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