Wine Tasting and Vineyard
Day Trip to Ronda

Hour Events and Weddings invites you to embark on a delightful Wine Tasting and Vineyard Day Trip to Ronda. This experience is perfect for wine lovers and those keen to explore the exquisite wine culture of this enchanting region. Designed for small groups and team building, it blends education, relaxation, and gourmet enjoyment.

Service Description

· Wine Tasting Experience

Take part in a professional wine tasting session led by experts at a top winery in Ronda. You will sample a variety of outstanding wines. Each wine is introduced with detailed explanations about its grape varieties and production processes.

· Guided Vineyard and Bodega Tours

Our guided tours take you through lush vineyards and into the heart of a prestigious Ronda winery. Learn about the winery’s history and explore its cellars. Gain insight into both traditional and contemporary winemaking techniques.

· Comprehensive Day Trip Itinerary

1- Transportation

We provide convenient bus transportation from Gibraltar to Ronda and back. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the route in comfort.

2- Winery Visit with Appetisers

During your visit to the winery, enjoy a selection of appetisers. These are carefully chosen to complement the wines you taste, enhancing both the flavours and your overall experience.

3- Optional Gourmet Meal

If desired, we can arrange a full meal at the winery. This meal pairs exquisitely with their wines, turning your tasting into a more extensive culinary adventure.

Perfect for Any Occasion

This Wine Tasting and Vineyard Day Trip is ideal for team building, corporate events, or memorable outings with friends or family. It offers a unique opportunity to bond over the shared pleasures of fine wines and beautiful settings.

Join Hour Events and Weddings for an immersive experience in Ronda’s wine country. Experience the flavours, learn about the art of winemaking, and enjoy a day filled with relaxation and discovery.